Numerous weekend shootings in Belize City

There were a number of other shootings in Belize City this weekend. According to police reports, at around 8:30 on Friday night,  25 year old Mauricio Rodriguez, a Belizean Construction worker, was socializing in a yard in Apollo Street in the Belama phase 4 area, Belize city, along with three other men, when gun shots rang out.  As a result, Mauricio sustained gunshot injuries to the left shoulder and the right buttocks. He is enlisted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition. Police have since recovered nine expended shells from the scene as investigations continue.

On Saturday morning, around 9:45 a.m, police found 21-year-old  Joshua Jerome Gallego, aka “Shaggy,” of  Raccoon Street, Belize City, suffering from one apparent gunshot to his left forearm.  Joshua Gallego was walking on Antelope Street,  in the direction of Central American Boulevard when a man, dressed in a white shirt, approached him from behind and fired two shots at him, causing his injury. Police suspects the motive to be Gang Rivalry, as investigations continue.

Another Belize City man was shot on Sunday.  35 year old Calbert Alexander Budd Jr. was shot on the left elbow sometime after 7:00 on Sunday evening. According to reports, Calbert Budd was walking on Iguana Street and was heading towards Central American Boulevard. When he passed an empty lot on Iguana Street, he reportedly heard several gunshots, and then realized he had been shot. Police are still investigating.

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