Nurses telephone call on Rise and Shine

Over the last few days PlusNews has been receiving several complaints from nurses at the Western Regional hospital in Belmopan that several changes have been made in the way nurses are to carry out their responsibilities. These changes, they say, have been made without their permission as no consultation was done; they were simply told that they needed to comply. One nurse was bold enough to call into the Rise and Shine Morning Show and explain the new policy and how it is affecting work relations.

Affected Nurse;

Right now at the Western Regional Hospital they implemented a 12 hours shift without having a meeting with the nursesvlcsnap-2017-01-20-10h14m25s512 to see if this will affect us or not. Then we were told that if we get sick we cannot pay a Justice of the Peace to certify sick days. If the Justice of the Peace give you sick days you have to go to one of the specialists and the specialist has to approve that you’re sick, if the specialist does not approve the days they will not take your paper. This decision is only being made at the Western Regional Hospital, some of the nurses they don’t agree but they afraid to talk because at emergency they were told “If you don’t want to do the shift, then go home”.

When most people are sick, they visit a general practitioner to get examined and these doctors may prescribe sick days, if they find it necessary. However nurses at the WRH now need to get such approval from a Specialist. Also, Nurses normally work one of Three- 8 hour shifts per day, as the work is meticulous especially with smaller staff sizes. However the nurses say that the new 12 hour shifts are burdensome to not just to themselves, but to their families.

Affected Nurse;

Now, how could you do twelve if eight is already tired? If you give someone twelve hours you’re making them prone to make mistakes. We have children, yes we choose the profession but when we choose this profession they do not tell us we will do twelve hours. I am a mother, I am a wife beside my job and I have to take care of my child as well, it is not like I will leave my child unattended without parental guidance we have all these crimes and gang activities are happening. How can we not worry about our family too? They tell us that if we are sick they won’t accept our paper that is against our constitutional rights.

PlusNews understands that there will be a meeting held tomorrow morning with doctors and nurses by the Ministry of health to try to resolve the impasse; In tomorrow’s newscast we will have an update for you.

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