OAS messenger removed following report findings clearing Belize

Another person who is no longer a player as it relates to the Belize Guatemala issue is Magdalena Talamàs.  Talamas was removed as the coordinator of the OAS Adjacency Zone office after she presented that report that proved that Belizean soldiers were not responsible for the 2016 shooting death of the 13 year old Guatemalan minor Julio Ruano in Belizean territory.  Guatemalans were not please with the result of that investigation and the subsequent report presented to them by Talamas. Hon. Wilfed Elrington explains why Talamas was removed.

But when the truth was disclosed to them when the report of the commissioner was made public they’re very peeled to that and they decided to attack the messenger not the message .Unfortunately Magdalena Talamas  was in fact the messenger many times the messenger gets shot and this is one case where she was in fact shot and they refuse for wanting to have anything to do with her and we are not as cooperative with  the O.S as we would have like and that is necessary given the delicate task that they have to undertake. We can’t afford to have the Guatemalans not cooperating fully with the O.S and officers of the O.A.S and they saw Magdalena as an obstacle to that so she had to be sacrificed.

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