Object stuck on Belize Barrier reef

This week is being observed as Reef Week. On Wednesday afternoon, a strange object floated over the reef about six miles north of San Pedro Town near the Mexico Area. At about 3 pm, San Pedro Police were notified about the strange object and as a result they travelled to the location where they found the object stuck on the reef. Officer Commanding San Pedro Police Station Superintendent Edward Broaster told us more.

SUPERINTENDENT EDWARD BROASTER -Commanding San Pedro Police Station
“Well the object is, what you would call, an underwater vessel, that is used in doing research or and recovery of wrecks and anything that you would want to recover from the sea bed. It has four robotic arms and six props.”

EMMANUEL PECH- PlusT.V Journalist
“What time was it found and what brought it to your attention.”
“Well it was recovered yesterday afternoon and it so happened that the water was rough yesterday and it washed up on the reef. “

The Belize Coast Guard were despatched to the scene yesterday and went back today. Authorities are assessing the situation to determine how best to remove the object without damaging the reef system. Up to the time of this news cast the object was still stuck on the reef.

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