Objects Thrown At PUP Supporters During March

The Uniform Parade on Independence Day is a tradition observed by residents of Belize City every September 21. But we understand that on Sunday there was violence in a gang-affected area.

Our sources in the parade tell PlusNews that the section of the parade where the PUP marched lacked proper police presence. When the parade reached Hydes Lane, the first set of objects were thrown at the party supporters, and by the time they reached the corner of Pickstock Street the objects included stones and pint bottles.

Whether there was return fire from the party supporters in unclear. However several individuals in the parade received minor cuts and bruises.

Near Victoria Street a mobile patrol finally appeared and carted off one individual. However, according to Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez, no one reported the matter.

vlcsnap-2014-09-24-06h01m00s53Raphael Martinez – Police Press Officer

“As far as I’m concerned, the only incident that has been reported was the one I reported just a while ago.

Quite a few times we had several incidents, but the incidents were not reported to the Police. 

I’m hoping that whenever something occurs to that nature, at least a report can be made to the Police. 




We contacted the headquarters of the PUP at Independence Hall on Tuesday morning and were told that we would receive a call back from Secretary General Myrtle Palacio. However this has not materialized.

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