Oceana Hosts Video Competition

Oceana Belize is hosting a video competition under the theme “Rich in Resources” which is in line with the upcoming Belize film festival 2014.

The Challenge is to create a 3 to 10 minute video that answers the question “How do you depend on Marine Resources?” Alex Ellis, videographer and photographer for Oceana Belize told us more about the competition and the rather hefty thousand dollar first place prize.

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-22h35m00s2Alex Ellis-Videographer and Photographer for Oceana Belize

“It is an amateur video competition.  When people hear that it is attached to the Belize International Art Festival, they might assume that it is a professional calendar type of competition.  Not at all.  We are looking for submissions using your cellphone, your telephone, your tablet, or whatever means of capturing video you have, we will accept.  It is not the professional looks but the person’s connection to the marine environment, whether that be food, culture, etc.  We are really looking for you to tell your own personal story from 3-10 minutes”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “This competition is open to who?”

Alex Ellis:  “Everyone and anyone.  There is no age limits.  You can single personal entrance; you can submit on behalf of yourself or as a group.  I know there are schools that have environmental groups or clubs.  They can submit as a group”.

To submit your video, upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.  Then, email the link to richinresources@gmail.com. The deadline for submissions end at midnight on Sunday July 6th.

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