Oceana representative in Belize looking for new country head

On Thursday, Oceana Chile Vice President Alex Munoz met with the Belizean media to explain the process for searching for a new head of Oceana in the Belize office. That task will be very difficult, since filling Shepherd’s shoes will be a challenging one. But the Chilean VP explains that over 30 people have applied for the post and that they are looking for someone as passionate about protecting the oceans. Mr Munuz claims that it is new era for Oceana, and they are looking for a new leader that will improve the organization in every aspect.

Alex Munoz – VP Oceana Chile:

vlcsnap-2013-09-02-08h40m48s101The ideal is to have somebody that is not only an expert, but also that would place with his life what it means to protect the ocean.  This is not only what that person is.  So we need somebody that is really energetic, a strong leader, knowledgeable but surely passionate about protecting the oceans.  That person can come from traditional leaders, but also we are very open to look in other places, in other fields, and bring in somebody that is new to the ocean conservation movement.  What’s important is that that person is very constructive, energetic, a true leader, and really passionate about the oceans.

According to Alex Munuz, there will be structural changes as well – because the former structure is no longer functional.

Alex Munoz:

vlcsnap-2013-09-02-08h43m54s177We have decided that our former structure, executive structure, is no longer functional, to handle in the new officers effectively.  So we have defined new ways make the officer in each countries  report to different people.  I will be the one that leads the Andes Region and the Caribbean, and the Belize office will report to me.  Basically, we’re looking for a leader in the form of a country director.  By no way that mean that the new person will have less authority that  that former Vice-President had.  The new leader of Oceana will have the same authority as Audrey Matura Shepherd, and that person will have our full support.  Actually the Belizean office will grow hopefully.  We want to make this an even bigger and better office, and we will encourage all the creativity possible, and we expect that leader not only to be a strong leader but someone who is really creative  in terms of  defining strategy, defining  the best ways to protect the oceans.  In terms of spending, we expect that person to do the best job in allocating resources to our priorities, which is protecting the oceans.

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