OCEANA search for new VP

vlcsnap-2013-08-22-07h34m37s206Thursday, August 21, will be Audrey Matura Shepherd’s final day as Vice-President of OCEANA in Belize. On Wednesday she briefed the media on the search for a replacement while in her final act in the role, launching a new educational website, www.oceanateachbz.com. According to Ms Matura Shepherd, 2 members of the organization’s Washington, D.C. office will be in Belize shortly to interview the over 20 applicants for the post to find the right person. They will have large shoes to fill, as under Audrey Matura Shepherd the organization has become a household, fighting numerous environmental causes and winning several victories. It is believed that Ms Matura Shepherd was forced out as a result of pressure from LGBT activists who took offense to some of her public comments; one of them even wrote the OCEANA office demanding that she be fired. She says she will now go into private practice as an attorney while still maintaining a link with the organization. While not ultimately ruling out politics, the former Senator says she wants the people of Belize to join a movement to advocate for change in the country.  As for the website, it is called “T.A. Belize” and was designed by vlcsnap-2013-08-22-07h35m19s107intern and university student Idalia Machuca, who is studying geophysics and oceanography at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Ms Machuca says she designed the site specifically for the use of teachers and students and there are helpful papers, reports, teaching aids and other information for the benefit of all. She will continue to develop the site with OCEANA.

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