Office of the Prime Minister says Attacks on Justice Awich by Bar Association are Contemptuous

AwichPM BarrowA lengthy press release from the Office of the Prime Minster has sprung back at the Bar Association and its president, Eamon Courtney for statements made in opposition of the re-appointment of  Justice of Appeal Samuel Awich.

The release says that the Office of the Prime Minister has noted with

concern the continued attacks by some lawyers on Justice Awich. The release says that the attacks, using the Belize Bar Association Resolution as their springboard, are contemptuous and contemptible and they seek to scandalize the Belize Court of Appeal by alleging bias on the part of a member of that court, and may well be actionable by the Director of Public Prosecutions, an act of contempt.

Furhtermore, the release says it is t especially concerning that the campaign is being led by persons with obvious interests to serve, namely Bar President Eamon Courtenay, Jacqueline Marshalleck and her husband Andrew Marshalleck, who in various ways, represents the Ashcroft interests and suggests that they are the ones acting in bias.

The release also says that a grand total of 18 Bar members attended the meeting that approved the Resolution against Awich, but the actual membership of the Bar is well in excess of 100.

The Office of the Prime Minister calls on all involved to desist from the continuing attacks on Mr. Awich as his new appointment is now fait accompli.

Since it is for seven years, there can be no quarrel that it is short term and not in accordance with security of tenure considerations.

Finally, the Office of the Prime Minister advises that Cabinet will actively consider a course of action that will address the situation in which a puny, eighteen-person minority can purport to speak in the name of all lawyers in Belize.

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