Police Officer arraigned for murder

Thirty three year old Ryon Wagner, Police Corporal assigned to assigned as security detail to the wife of the Prime Minister Kim Simplis Barrow, was made to sit at the Magistrate’s court in Belmopan earlier today where he was slapped with one count of murder.

Inspector Stephanie Grinage: Mr wagner who was charged for the murder was taken to the magistrates court today and he has since been remanded to the Hattivilee prison, he was read the charge of vlcsnap-2015-09-02-17h10m00s773 vlcsnap-2015-09-02-17h09m33s289murder.

Authorities believe that Wagner  shot Nicaraguan National Eduardo Perez Sanchez to the head and then dumped his body in a secluded area on the Young Gial Road, Teakettle Village, Cayo. The lifeless body of Sanchez would later be found on Saturday morning August 29th by a farmer living in the area. On a note of interest, Police Corporal Wagner was privileged with sitting inside the air-conditioned police mobile as oppose to having to sit on the pan of the pickup as most persons destined to Hattieville prison do. With a nod of the head to the media he was whisked away until his next court appearance set for November first. Authorities have not yet established a motive for the murder of Sanchez as investigations continue.

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