Officer Commanding Tourism police raised security issue at Caracol since January

While new measures are now being taken to provide adequate security to Caracol, it has been reported that those measures were being suggested and recommended from January of this year.

What is believed to be a genuine internal police memorandum sent in January from the Officer Commanding the Tourism Police Unit ASP Diana Hall, has been leaked to the media. In the memo addressed to the Commissioner of Police, ASP Hall raises security concerns in Caracol.

The Leader of the Opposition brought up the memo in Friday’s House meeting.


vlcsnap-2014-10-03-06h55m36s109Hon. Francis Fonseca – Leader of the Opposition
“That letter is very damning because it foretells what has actually taken place and it made clear that within the ranks of the police department, within the ranks of the Police Tourism Unit at the highest levels – there were very serious concerns.

What follow up there was to this letter? The Commissioner of Police was alerted to this letter. Was it brought to the attention of the Minister of National Security? Was it brought to Cabinet? Was it taken to the National Security Council? These are serious matters. The inspector/commander said ‘God forbid one of our people or more than one of our people get killed’, and unfortunately regrettably that has what has taken place Mr. Speaker.”


In the memo, ASP Hall also says, “God forbid that we do not lose one or more of our officers and when we get a public outcry we start to play the blame game as to who is responsible.”

While the Minister of National Security spoke on the new measures to be taken at Caracol, he made no mention of the memo in Friday’s House Meeting.

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