Offshore business in Belize linked to terrorism?

An offshore business in Belize has been linked to terrorism. The US Treasury Department issued a Press Release saying that the owner of an offshore Company registered in Belize is assisting the Syrian government, its central bank and others in its money laundering activities to assist terrorist groups. That company which has been officially blacklisted is registered as Kremsont Commercial Incorporated lists its location within the Blake building at the corner of Eyre and Hutson Streets in Belize City. Reports are that US officials were in Belize yesterday as part of their investigations into the now blacklisted company. The sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department prohibit US citizens or companies vlcsnap-2015-11-27-10h50m05s120from doing business with blacklisted entities, and freeze their US assets. The United States is currently making worldwide moves to cut off the flow of funds to ISIL, considered one of the wealthiest terrorist groups, by sanctioning businesses and even de-risking of commercial banks, which Belize has already begun to experience.

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