Older persons honored on Human Rights Day

Wednesday was International Human Rights Day and there were activities held around the country.

In Belize City at the Helpage Activity Center and Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly, multiple generations came together at a Christmas party which also doubled as a celebration of human rights for all, including older persons.

We spoke with Chairman of Helpage Belize, Evan Dakers.


vlcsnap-2014-12-11-07h59m33s166Evan Dakers – Chair of Helpage Belize

“We have a number of people, who basically live alone, and then we have those who have family members who comes around but very infrequent.  So when you have an activity like this today, it gives them that measure of  unity and togetherness. 

I believe an activity like today is one in which we try please our older persons.”


The organization’s activities director, Marisha Zetina, spoke about today’s activity.


vlcsnap-2014-12-11-08h20m53s194Marisha Zetina – Activities director, Helpage Belize

“This is our annual Christmas party that’s being celebrating here today.  We usually do our parties at the House of Culture, but this year we brought it back to Helpage, and we’re doing that for them today.

We also have entertainment from Stella Maris School.  It’s an intergenerational type of thin, because the older persons also enjoy dancing and they enjoy the entertyainment from the younger generation.” 


On our arrival we caught up with 77 year old William Flores, originally from the deep south of Belize in Barranco, Toledo District. He was leading the audience of young and old in lively renditions of Christmas and other songs. He may not look like it, but William Flores is blind. He told us why that will not stop him from singing.


vlcsnap-2014-12-11-08h28m03s133William Flores

“I love music. I like dancing. I like games.  That’s what I like.

Only my eyes fail me.  I fix my own clothes, and I do exercise every day. 



Human Rights Day was celebrated under the theme “Human Rights 365“.

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