Omar Figueroa Moving Up the Ranks

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Since Dr. Omar Figueroa won the Cayo North bi-elections in January 2015, two months ago, and was made a parliamentarian, he has been quickly climbing up the ranks of the UDP being named a Minister of State with responsibilities in the Prime Minister office. Well Figeuroa continues to climb up. As early as last week at the House of Representatives on Friday Hon. Figueroa was selected to be the chairman in the public utilities, transport and communication


Hon. Micheal Finnegan- Chairman, Committee of Selection vlcsnap-2015-03-19-11h08m03s131

“The Honourable Omar Figueroa fill the vacancy as chairman and the Honourable Ramirez  as a member in the  Public Utilities’ Transport and Communications  committee and also that the Honourable Omar Figueroa, fill the vacancy of membership in the Housing, Sports and housing committee, the natural resources and environment committee and the Ombudsman reports committee of the House of Representatives. ”


 Hon. Dr. Omar Figueroa was sworn in to the House of Representatives on January 19th 2015 and has since attended two house meetings.vlcsnap-2015-03-19-11h05m09s71

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