On Line sale of Pharmaceuticals not approved

Belizean Pharmacists have been monitoring a website which sells medications online. The website operators claim that they are operating from Belize and even the Google site tracker picks up the site running from NorthSide Belize City.  Well, online Pharmacies are illegal in Belize and today the Ministry of Health issued a statement on the matter saying that vlcsnap-00398vlcsnap-00399

“..the online sale of pharmaceuticals in Belize has not been approved by the Ministry of Health nor has any license been given to any company to sell pharmaceutical products online in Belize. We are aware of a couple of websites that are seemingly doing so and we thank all those that have brought it to our attention as we aim to seek action.”

The name of the website is Allied Pharma and the company conducting the illegal online sales tru the site is Allied Tech distributors…  sounds awfully Like Allied tech, a favored pharmaceutical company recently formed that has swept up many government tender contracts.  The company was even able to open Accounts at the Belize Bank the Atlantic Bank and Scotia Bank, which would seem to indicate it met stringent Financial guidelines.  Back in December of 2016 an official complaint was made to the Ministry of Health but it apparently fell on deaf ears as the company continued selling online until today when the news went public.  It is interesting to note that no distributor can bring medication into the country without the consent of the recently installed Director of Drug Inspectorate, a post held by the daughter of a Minister of Government.  Distributors who have been in the industry for decades are slowly being sidelined by new vlcsnap-00397Government procurement processes that favor a recently formed company. plusnews understands that tomorrow distributors and their brokers will meet in belmopan with Ministry of health officials to seek a way forward. Plusnews has been following the story for some weeks now and will soon have more on this developing story.

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