One dead, one survives in separate traffic mishaps

Police in Eastern Division Rural say alcohol may have been a factor in the untimely death of a 31 year old man.  The traffic accident occurred between miles 13 and 14 on the Phillip Goldson Highway and the deceased has been identified as Ernest Garcia, a coconut harvester.  ACP Edward Broaster informed that Garcia was the only passenger in the vehicle and was dragged some distance on the paved road.

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer in charge of Eastern Division Rural: Friday May twenty-seventh, 2016, we received information of a traffic accident between miles thirteen and fourteen on the Phillip Goldson Highway.  When our police were dispatched to the area they observed a white Dodge Ram pickup truck along with a single individual dressed in a blue shirt who was lying face down alongside the vehicle.  Apparently the vehicle is used to transport coconuts.  It was later learned that the person’s name was Oswald Garcia, thirty-one-vlcsnap-2016-05-30-14h47m56s333years-old, who unfortunately died on the spot.  It is apparent that he was traveling from Belize City direction to Orange Walk when it is obvious that he lost control of his vehicle and was flung out of the vehicle and dragged on the pavement where he succumbed to his injuries.

Meanwhile, Belize Defense Force Soldier Victor Aldana is lucky to have escaped injury after his vehicle overturned early this morning just before mile 20 on the George Price Highway.

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer in charge of Eastern Division Rural: We had a second accident on the George Price Highway where a dark grey Geo Prism flipped several times and landed on the shoulder of the road.  The driver or occupants of that vehicle abandoned the scene but we just learned that he is at the Hattieville Police Station making a report as it regards to that accident.

Aldana was the only passenger in the vehicle. He told police this morning that he was travelling to Cayo, but fell asleep then ran off the road and flipped several times.  Luckily Aldana didn’t receive any bodily harm but he made a report at the Hattieville Police Station. Over the Common Wealth holiday weekend between the 20th and 23rd of this month, there were reports of 7 traffic accidents shared between the two major highways in the Belize District, the Phillip Goldson and George Price Highways.  While none of those accidents caused loss of life, it is clear that more needs to be done to mitigate such incidences. ACP Broaster as the Officer in Charge of Eastern Division Rural sees most of the accidents occur within his jurisdiction.  He says drivers are distracted while behind the wheel and one such distraction is cellphones.  According to Broaster, legislation banning the use of cellphones while driving needs to be tabled.vlcsnap-2016-05-30-14h47m44s568

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer in charge of Eastern Division Rural: I think it was well said by Sergeant Clark that our drivers tend to be distracted while driving on our roadways and one of the main factors for that is the use of cell phones whilst driving.  And we’ll have to put some legislation in place to ban the use of cell phones whilst operating a vehicle.  We have put highway patrol in place and we haven’t had accidents for a long while until after we had a meeting when Mr. Cocom mentioned that we haven’t had an accident for a long time and the next day we had seven in a row


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