One detained in Richard Foster Murder case

The body of 63 year old  Richard Foster was found in the Rivera area of Belmopan on Tuesday night. According to the post mortem examination, he was stabbed as many as ten times, his body left by the creek in the Rivera area of Belmopan. It is believed that Foster was  first kidnapped from his home at twenty eight and a half mile on the George Price Highway sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. At today’s police press briefing, ACP Joseph Myvette filled in some of the details.

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  On Tuesday the 7th of August, sometime around 10am police received a missing person report in respect to Mr. Richard Foster, where it was reported to them that his wife who is out of the country had repeatedly made attempts to contact him on telephone and was unsuccessful in doing so. As a result she spoke to one of his workers and asked him to go and make checks, whereupon arrival the building was found to be open and ramsacked, as well as one of his vehicles which is a Toyota Pick-up grey in color was found missing. Further examination also revealed that two firearms, a hand gun and a pump 12 shot gun were also missing, as well as other items. Police investigation into the matter resulted in the recovery of the vehicle in the Mahogany Heights area, shortly around 5pm on the said date, where upon examination of the vehicle blood or apparent blood stains were found on the rear passenger sit of the vehicle. In continuing to follow up on the investigation, Belmopan Police responded to a call of a body (found) in the Rivera area around 8pm on the said Tuesday the 7th of August, where upon arrival they observed a clear skin complexion male person dressed in short pants with his feet hanging in the creek and apparently dead. Upon examination of the body, it was observed to have several stab wounds as well as injuries to the head. The body was later identified as Richard Foster, a naturalized 74 year old naturalized Belizean of twenty eight and half miles, George Price Highway.

Police say they are following several leads and so far has one person detained for questioning after the pickup was found in the Mahogany Heights area. The pickup had in blood stains but police say they are still unable to say exactly where Foster was killed. 

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  The investigation had shown that there were some injuries within the house but even on the scene where the body was found, there was no substantial amount of blood, which seem to indicate that the deceased was not exactly killed there where he was found.

Reporter: However there is not that substantial volume of blood to indicate that he was killed in the home either, someone who died from a multiple stab wound.

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  Yes.

Reporter: And the vehicle, was there blood in there as well?

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  Yes, but not a substantial amount. We are not certain at this time based on the investigation where is it that he was killed. However, we are looking at several suspects in that area. At this point in time there is one person in custody who is being interviewed in respect to this investigation.

Police say that at t his time the motive appears to be robbery. Only the vehicle has been recovered but none of the other stolen itemsA one thousand dollar reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and charge of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Richard Foster. Anyone with information is asked to please use the anonymous crime stoppers hotline. These calls are answered by Miami Dade detectives in Florida. The number is 0 800 922 8477 or 0 800 922 tips.

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