One man detained in pig rustling ring

And while some people steal fish, others steal pigs. Belmopan Police were called  out to an area in the Valley of Peace community sometime after 1 am this morning where they were Untitled-2informed that a person or group of persons were involved in pig rustling at a farm in Valley of Peace. According to reports a total of 6 pigs were stolen from the farm in the wee hours of the morning. While the culprits were rounding up the pigs,  the caretaker of the farm reportedly heard the commotion and went  outside to take a look at what was happening but only got a glimpse of the vehicle as the pigs were whisked away. Further reports indicate that the culprits, as they were making their escape, fired several warning shots in the air threatening anyone who pursued them. Quick police action has since lead to the detention of one individual pending further investigations. All 6 pigs were discovered dead somewhere in the Banana Bank Area of Valley of Peace. A few months ago, a mother of 6 was shot and killed in More Tomorrow village when pig rustlers fired shots at the farm house while trying to steal pigs.

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