One man killed and three women injured in early morning shooting

vlcsnap-2014-07-29-05h52m49s138Who wanted a group of humble, hard-working men and women to die even after robbing them? Police have detained three men of Belize City as part of their investigations into that question, following a fatal shooting incident around 5:00 Saturday morning, July 26. Police information is that around 4:50 a.m., 52 year old naturalized Belizean food vendor Carlos Mayorga; 21 year old waitress Sijihan Avila; 19 year old waitress Karina Avila and 42 year old Honduran food vendor Alida Asencio were at home when two dark-skinned men entered the house through the back door. One of them carried a black 9mm pistol and the other a knife. The armed gunman took the group at gunpoint into Mr Mayorga’s bedroom and demanded money. Carlos Mayorga retrieved $2,000 cash from a secured locker and handed it over, but the armed man, who was still at the entrance of the room, shot the kneeling Mr Mayorga in the back of the neck and left shoulder, and then proceeded to shoot Sijihan Avila in the left chest and left side of the abdomen; Karina Avila in the left arm and Alida Asencio to the left breast and abdomen before they fled. The Avilas and Asencio are still in treatment and their condition is said to be improved but in the case of Asencio, still critical. Family members of the group refused media interviews.

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