One person detained for Brodie’s robbery

BrodiesIn Police News, Police have detained one person for questioning in relation to the robbery of a huge bank deposit belonging to popular downtown supermarket James Brodie and Company Limited. The security guard who was in charge of depositing a total of $46,064.42, at First Caribbean Bank was robbed of the four bags of cash while walking to the bank on Saturday afternoon around 4:30pm. The robbery was carried out by one single man, described as brown-skinned, standing 5-foot-9, slim, having a low hair cut, dressed in a cap, dark sunshades, a light brown shirt with checkered stripes and a black long pants. According to Police reports, the robber stopped the officer with a gun and demanded the money. After receiving it, the thief ran down Church Street, on to Duck Lane where he was seen receiving a bicycle from another man which he used to escape toward East Canal.

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