One person detained for Dean Nemhard shooting

As we have previously reported, there was also a shooting incident on Tuesday in Belize City.   The victim has survived and has been identified as 21 year old Dean Nemhard. Nemhard is currently hospitalized at the KHMH where he is recovering from a  gunshot wound to the abdomen. Today, police updated on that incident.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB

 Mr. Dean Nemhard a 21 year old was walking on said site and he heard several shots and as a result he realized that he was shot. He was taken to the Karl Huesner Memorial hospital and police investigations has revealed so far that he was walking on the street and an unknown gunman opened fire at him and caused two gunshot wounds to his abdominal area one person was detained for that incident.

It is not the first time Nemhard has been shot. Back in December 2017,  he was shot in the hand while allegedly trying to pull off an armed robbery at Monica’s Pawn shop.

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