One person sought for double murder in Camalote





On Tuesday we reported on another double murder that took place in Camalote, shattering the relative peace of the village. According to our sources, a masked man visited the house of Juan Olmedo who reportedly sells food for a living. Mr Olmedo was at his house with his common law wife Loraine Burgess at the time of the incident, and she told us that the masked man pointed a gun at them and demanded money. She was the one who went for the money, but before she could return, Juan Olmedo had already been shot. The masked man made off with an undisclosed amount of money. Shortly after, only yards away from where Mr Olmedo had been gunned down, another murder was reported. This time it was 37 year old Oscar Leonel Benitz, a Honduran national. Police believe that they are looking for the same person.

vlcsnap-2013-10-03-07h22m40s136Sinquest Martinez – OC Belmopan Police:

“We are looking for one person, and we know who we are looking for.  The investigation is showing that one person committed both murders. The investigation is still going on.”



We asked Mr Martinez to comment on this disturbing record of murders around the area of Belmopan in such a short time

Sinquest Martinez

“You need to realize the murder is not in Belmopan City, it is within my area of responsibility.  All murders are not connected.  They are different murders.  The murders are for different motives.  It just so happened that it happened within four days, but they are not connected at all.  It has been infiltrated into my area of responsibility, because the persons who are responsible they’re from within my area.  They’re not either from Belize City or other Districts that commit these crimes.  They are no strangers to us.”

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