One Woman Protest Against the Petro Caribe Bill

The introduction of the Petro Caribe loan motion that puts into law what GOB  has been doing all along- which is the acquiring and spending of Petro Caribe monies without prior approval from parliament, has raised many eyebrows especially. People have taken it to social media where they expressed their concerns with the bill. At today’s sitting, as we told you earlier in our news, the oppositions Francis Fonseca placed on the record their complete disapproval of the bill. However it was interesting to note that they did not rally their supporters in protest of the bill at today’s sitting . They said it was due to the last minute notice of the existence of this bill. vlcsnap-2015-03-27-11h03m40s57  Nevertheless, there was one protestor. Yaya Marin Coleman, who comes out to protest in front of the PM’s office every Thursday, says she shifted her venue today for this special occasion.

Louis Wade – Journalist

Well we have ‘Petrocaribe bill installs Barrow as Finance Dictator.’ In what way do you see it creating a dictatorship in the financial sector?”

Yaya Marin Coleman- Protestorvlcsnap-2015-03-27-11h05m31s227

Any meaningful participatory consultation took place? Any Town Hall meeting took place? Deh mi inform we about this before deh come yah today? Like yesterday- short minute notice. They know good what deh  the do . So anytime you – and dah like the writing was on the wall you know, because when time they spend the money and then come and retroactively run the other bill. But I feel, you know, that when people get facey with you , and you don’t do anything, they get faceyer.  Can’t just blame deh people there you know, I have to blame. WHat we wah do bout it and I mean we collectively because dah we wah collectively pay for it. And I am just like, ‘ dah how much more we wah tek, dah what else we wah allow deh people fi do.'”

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