One woman protest continues in Belmopan

The one woman protest continued on Thursday. As was mentioned two Thursdays ago, when Yaya Marin protested in front of the US Embassy, she made a commitment be in front of the Curl Thompson building every Thursday, until her demands are met.

The venue has since been moved to the Sir Edney Cain Building that houses the Prime Minister’s office; however her motives remain the same- “Man our Borders!”


vlcsnap-2014-10-24-06h23m00s182Yaya Marin – Activist

“In memory of Danny Conorque, he gave his life to defend this country.  As a citizen of Belize, I’m willing to give as many hours on a Thursday as the Belmopan Police Department would allow me, to protest in front of the Sir Edney Cain Building.

I chose this building because the Prime Minister’s office is in this building, and the Prime Minister is the head of Government and the Minister of Finance, one of the most powerful people in this country, who’s very influential when it comes to this particular national concern, securing the borders of  Belize, land and sea, twenty-four / seven.”


Much has happened since we last touched base with Yaya on October 9th , including a BDF press briefing in which it was confirmed that our BDF personnel are being trained by Kaibil, Guatemala’s special operations force.

Yaya says she was shocked that the BDF would find this to be OK.


vlcsnap-2014-10-24-06h22m15s245Yaya Marin

“We as Belizeans, by and large, have not been educated.  We do not know our history, and so we can’t appreciate what are individual and collective responsibilities are, especially when it comes to the national security of this country.  It’s just sad and it’s heartbreaking, but if we, the Belizean people, continue to accept this, then we don’thave nobody to blame but ourselves.

So we have a responsibility individually to get informed, to get engaged, and to hold ourselves and others accountable.

My strong position, at this point I would say ‘stop’.  Nobody move.  Let’s take stock of all the agreements we have with Guatemala, what our responsibilities are, and let Belizeans understand.  We’re going to be the ones accountable for whatever agreements were made. So I would like to know everything that we’ve agreed to, and what the conditions are, and not to make any more agreements until the people of Belize understand the issues, and then decide, as a people, what we want to do as we move on.”


Notably, Yaya was again by herself today, but she does not seem in the least bit discouraged by the obvious lack of numbers.


Yaya Marin

“There is no doubt that numbers have a qualitative value.  However, if there was any doubt in my mind, even though at the time the media came two weeks ago, Thursday was just myself.  After the media left, a Rasta brother and his two years old youth came and walked with me for like maybe two hours or two and a half hours.

So even though it was reported as a ‘one woman protest’, there were two other people who joined and walked with me.

That notwithstanding, I felt that it brought  the awareness that was needed, along collectively with what other people were doing, to keep it on the front burner.  By being out here once a week, it keeps this particular issue on the front burner, regardless of the other issues that are just as important, national issues that are happening in this country. 


As for how long she intends to keep at this, well, in her own words, “Until Jah gimmi strength.”

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