One year old raped and sodomized

It is the first day of Child Stimulation month and sadly, tonight we have to report on three children who were victims of violence over the past 24 hours.  They are all heart wrenching stories but the youngest victim in tonight’s newscast is a one year old baby girl who was raped and sodomized. The 17-month-old baby is said to be in critical condition at KHMH after being vaginally and anally raped. It is believed that the incident happened yesterday at the child’s home in Maskall Village, Belize District. Police told us more.

 Yestersday sometime after 5 in the evening police were called to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital along with the Department of Human Sservices and upon making checks at the hospital there was a minor with several bruises to the body and apparently, that minor had been sexually molested. The minor had to be rushed to the I.C unit because of the condition the minor was in. They were not in a position to do any medical examination, however, we know that the minor is still presently at the ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. This minor is from Maskal Village.

Police have detained one person.

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