Online Article Describes Hondo River As Red After Oil Spill

“Blood red” is how one online news article is describing the Hondo River which boarders Mexico and Belize. Information from other news outlet is that there was an oil spill last week Wednesday August 27th, where a malfunction of an illegal pipeline extracting crude oil caused 4,000 gallons of crude to be spilled in the river.

According to several Mexican News articles, the incident occurred in the Hondo stream that passes through Teirra Blanca, a town in Vera Cruz, and not the vlcsnap-2014-09-04-06h15m59s59Rio Hondo. Now if you know anything about maps, you’d know that Vera Cruz is several hundreds of miles West of Belize, closer to Mexico City. But one article, posted in an online newspaper- Ryot, is reporting that the incident occurred in the Rio Hondo saying that, “The Hondo River lines the border between Mexico and Belize. Nearly a mile of the river turned blood red after the spill, which was caused on August 27th when thieves drilled a tap into a gasoline pipeline.”

There is even a picture of the Rio Hondo from the vantage point of the bridge connecting the two countries showing how the river looked before it turned bloody red.

But a call to the Department of the Environment, here in Belmopan, is revealing that nothing of that sort has happened in the Rio Hondo. According to authorities in DOE, when situations like these occur and it is of concern to Belize, the Mexican authorities would contact the Department with a formal report, but up until now, they have received no such report.

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