Online Petition seeks to engage British Government in Guatemalan dispute

Yesterday we reported on the riot that almost broke out in Belize City over  a gambling machine malfunction.; yes, you heard right, it wasn’t an uproar over the poverty statistics, or the crime situation, or even the Belize Guatemala issue which poses a threat to national sovereignty; it was an uproar over a gambling machine!  But while some are impassioned over gambling problems, there is a group of Belizeans, living abroad, who have channeled their energies into bringing international attention to the Belize Guatemala issue and to this end established an on line a petition on the seeking the support of signatures from British Citizens or UK residents in the  condemning of Guatemala for a Coast Aggression and belligerence against Belize.  The petition was launched Monday April 4 and will be uvlcsnap-2016-04-06-15h13m40s234p until October 5, 2016. The petition aims at gathering 12,000 signatures which would then enable the British Government to respond to the petition. If signatures  reach 100,000 then the matter would be taken to parliament for debate. The Prefix to the petition quotes “Since 2007 Guatemala has repeatedly aggressed Belize, refused to accept its borders and allows its citizens to pillage and steal and field Belizean foreign products, create milpas in Belize’s National Parks including the growing of Marijuana. They threaten the Belize Defense Force and cross into Belize waters a number of times to prevent the legal passage of both Civilians and the BDF” There is also a similar on petition in the US at the site . vlcsnap-2016-04-06-15h13m36s685

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