Opposition leader calls for Investigation of Boots

UDP Minister of Human Development and Poverty Alleviation Anthony Boots Martinez remains under sustained fire . As we told you last week, the Leader of the Opposition called for Minister Martinez’s resignation. Today, the Leader of the opposition sent out three letters: one to the Prime Minister, one to the Commissioner of Police, and one to the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit.  To the Prime Minister, Hon. John Briceno writes,  “ Once again Prime Minister, a member of your cabinet has been implicated in an obviously corrupt scheme. On behalf of the Belizean people I demand that:

1) You fire the Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez for his breach of public trust,

2) ‘” not interfere in any investigation that is launched by the proper authorities,

3) You ensure that Government officials cooperate with the authorities to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted leading to criminal prosecution.

To the Commissioner of Police, Briceno wrote ,  “I am hereby demanding that an urgent investigation be made into the allegations made by Mr. Lamb. The explanations given by Hon. Martinez are laughable and strongly suggest that he was a knowing participant and beneficiary in this illegal arrangement. I await your written confirmation that you have directed an investigation into this matter, failing which I will initiate legal action to compel you to do so. There will be no cover-up, Mr. Commissioner.”  Briceno says more or less the same thing to the Director of the FIU: that he Financial Intelligence Unit is empowered to investigate and prosecute financial crimes and it is therefore the duty of the FIU to investigate this illegal operation which has resulted in the loss of public monies.

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