Opposition Leader’s New Year’s Message

vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h28m03s878The Leader of the Opposition also issued a New Year’s address in which he spoke about the challenges the Belizean economy has faced based on decisions made by Government.

Hon. Johnny Briceno, Leader of the Opposition

I think it would be fair to say that 2017 was not a good year for Belize. We saw so much go wrong. Our economy grew by only half a percent; that means that the better year for our productive sector that we wished for did not happen. Overall, our economy suffered major shocks as government had to pay hundreds of millions in compensation because of bad decisions in a number of legal cases. What this means is that we start the New Year with the understanding that the government led by Prime Minister Barrow has put the Belizean economy on the brink of crisis. As a result of their mismanagement, too many Belizeans who want to work can’t find a good job, Crime and violence continue to be rampant; the housing situation in our country is deplorable for too many Belizean families. Our National Health insurance program which was designed to provide adequate health care for all is a failure and today still too many of our children are not getting a proper education.

The PUP leader also used the opportunity to speak about the upcoming Municipal elections.

Hon. Johnny Briceno, Leader of the Opposition

I have been in politics long enough to know when people are dissatisfied with their government and you have every reason to be. The UDP gave us Puerto Azul; a ponze scheme. Now they come up with an International airport in North Ambergris Caye promoted by con men who are hoping to dead raise 100 million US dollars. The Vega’s are still living large and Penner and the Castro’s are laughing at us.  The UDP continued to give away land to their cronies. They continue with their immigration hustle and they continue funneling millions to their UDP attorneys who continue to lose cases at the CCJ . This is not our Belize.  The UDP have failed. We in the PUP believe that we can offer better leadership. We have the experience and talent to perform better. Unlike the UDP who prefer to spend almost 40 million dollars on a City center in Belize city we believe in spending millions on education and housing. 

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