Orange Walk Pastors object to Gay Pageant

vlcsnap-2013-06-13-18h51m38s32Ms. Gay Goddess – this is the newest insertion in Belize’s pageant world. It is a competition for transvestite males – that is a male who sometimes wears clothes traditionally worn by women. The photos you are looking at are those of the contestants and were obtained from the organization’s Facebook page, whose tagline reads “A place where boys will be boys and female impersonation will be an art and freedom of expression.” The show is set for later this month in Orange Walk and there has already been opposition coming from different sectors of the community, particularly, the Evangelical populace. Church leaders in Orange Walk are in fact organizing a protest against the pageant. Today, President of BelizeCan, Patrick Menzies gave us an update.

Professor Patrick Menzies – President Belize Can:
vlcsnap-2013-06-13-16h48m35s185The alliance of Evangelical Pastors and leaders in the North, in Orange Walk to be exact, already spoke on Tuesday night with Mayor Kevin Bernard about it.  He did not know about it, and says that he does not support it. So therefore we are submitting a letter to Mayor Bernard voicing objection to that particular pageant.  If that does not work, there will be a march on the 21st of June, a Friday, in the evening at 6:30 pm, starting at the Orange walk Central Park. It will go around to the area where they are supposed to have their pageant.  There will be prayer at that particular spot, and coming back to the Central Park, where there will be a short message on the situation going on there..

But that’s only one issue being tackled in Orange Walk, as Menzies informed us that pastors and leaders from different denominations have joined together under the umbrella of the Constitution of Belize’s Preamble, to go up against the now infamous Revised Gender Policy 2013. According to Menzies, such alliances have also been formed in San Pedro and Belmopan. He elaborated on the role of these associations.

Professor Patrick Menzies – President Belize Can:
The role that they play is that they are already organizing.  There will be a march on Belmopan on the second of July, starting at 9am in  Belmopan.  Were be marching around the Ring Road and headed to the National Assembly Building. So that is scheduled for the second of July, and  this alliance is working extreamly hard.  We’re getting signatures against this genda agenda, and they’re also educating the Belizean populous.

vlcsnap-2013-06-06-06h57m14s188Copies of the Gender Policy have been made available to the public; and can be downloaded at or more recently at the National Women’s Commission website. But there is only an English edition and for this reason, BelizeCan has translated the document into Spanish, as well as the Constitution’s Preamble. Menzies spoke about this venture and even more initiatives being carried to include the Spanish-speaking community in this dialogue.

Professor Patrick Menzies – President Belize Can:
The great thing is that before this there wasn’t something in Spanish. We now have that.  Belize Can has taken on that particular task of sharing it with Spanish speakers.  We’ve been translating the documents, the genda agenda and some great people on Facebook have been helping us also to do that. So that’s what we’re doing with Orange Walk.  Again, talking about the genda agenda, San Pedro can’t be left out. San Pedro has an alliance. Thet are already passing out copies of the Preamble to the Constitution, empowering Belizeans in San Pedro.  They’re also having is translated into Spanish.  Not to leave out Belmopan, tonight [Thursday] we’re having a meeting, forming an alliance also in Belmopan of Spanish speaking Pastors and leaders in Belmopan.  That’s tonight at 7 pm.  Then on Monday night, that same thing will be held in Cayo District in San Ignacio.  And on Tuesday night it will be in Corozal. So this is going across the country..

On tomorrow’s “Rincosito Cristiano”, right here on PlusTV, guests will carry out a Gender Presentation in Spanish. The show starts at 7:30pm. But lastly, Menzies emphasizes that the meetings hosted by the alliances are not doctrine based and are open to any interested party. He further cautions the public to take a stand on this very important issue.

Professor Patrick Menzies – President Belize Can:
Alliances are not doctrine based. The only thing we do is we pray to open up, present the Genda policy, we close in prayer.  there’s no singing.  There’s no preaching. It’s only the sharing of the facts.  We stand, and what unites us is the Preamble to the Constitution of Belize.  It’s a positive thing.  The march that will be held on July second is positive.  Belizeans, please don’t even say that this is Church and politics.  Please remember, God has blessed Belize.  We are so blessed that we, the Church of Belize, has a position in the Government of Belize, by occupying a seat in the Senate.  That tells you that we’ve been blessed. We also occupy most of the councils and committees in the country.  So don’t sit back and say well this is something else. God gave you that authority and that right.  Take it.  Use it, for the benefit.  Be wize, please.  God bless you.

BelizeCan is organizing a demonstration in Belmopan as the Senate meets on Tuesday, July 2nd, starting at 9am. The march will take place around the Ring Road and will conclude at the National Assembly Building.

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