Orange Walk Police Under investigation For Abuse of Auhority

A few weeks ago a couple of police officers attached to the Orange Walk Police Station got in trouble with the law when a video that went viral captured them at the residence of Andres Rodriguez beating him up. This week, Orange Walk police have another case of police abuse on their hands after a minor accompanied by his family reported to police that he was threatened and shot at by Police Constable Jesus Cantun Jr. According to the minor, while he was accompanying a female home late Monday night, a police mobile with Cantun in it approached them. Sources claim that the 16 year old minor and  his female companion started walking towards her house and that is when PC Cantun called out to him. The officer reportedly set chase after him and fired several shots at him but missed as the minor jumped over a fence. Sources on the other side say the minor provoked the police constable and that PC Cantun fired warning shots at the minor that were not aimed at him as they fled the area. Deputy Officer in Command of Orange Walk Police Station confirmed today that PC Jesus Cantun Jr. has since been placed on disciplinary charge.

ASP. Selvin Tillett  – Deputy Officer in Command, Orange Walkvlcsnap-2015-05-08-10h55m45s34

“There  was a report made and we are interrogating the police offer with alleged abuse of authority. At this moment we are doing a tribunal and the matter is under investigation at this moment. He is being placed on disciplinary charges at this moment.”



PC Cantun will be brought before a tribunal to answer to charges of police abuse emanating from the said incident.


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