Orange Walk representative discusses police brutality

While at the PUP demonstration in Belize City today we spoke with Orange Walk Central area representative John Briceno about the recent cases of police brutality in Orange Walk Town. He explained that it is up to Belizeans to keep an eye on the Police Department to curb its excesses.




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“We  have always been concerned when  it comes to the issue of police brutality. I have seen several instances where the police unnecessarily would man handle people or to beat them or hit them physically. That is somethingthat needs to be addressed. It seems that it has… it’s almost like a pervasive culture  that has been taken place to the police. Now the police needs to understand that citizens are more aware of their rights. Now they have phones with video that can video them. I want to encourage folks not only in Orange Walk but in the length and breadth of this country, that whenever they are dealing with the police, to video them to ensure that the police has to act within the law and that they are treated the way they should as citizens of this country.”


The Police Department itself, particularly the Professional Standards Branch, has actively called on Belizeans to film any acts of brutality or police misconduct to assist their investigations and prevent future occurrences.

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