Orange Walk residents hold candle light vigil for Peace







Over 300 hundred residents of Orange Walk participated in the candle light vigil held yesterday evening at the Banquitas house of Culture in Orange Walk Town and held a special prayer service in memory of the victims of these recent heinous crimes. The event was organized by Yvette Torres and was also joined by the Orange Walk Town Council. The Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard also took part in the vigil. According to Bernard, the purpose for the event was to bring together the people of Orange Walk Town.

vlcsnap-2014-07-11-13h56m42s133Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk

“So we unite with each other and ask that God puts his blessing on us, and that these crimes are stopped. We pray also for the Police department to be guided well and protect our citizens.  As people we are right there to talk to each other, to make sure we all have one goal, that we want a crime free community, that we can work with each other and look out for  each other. That is the purpose of uniting.”

Although citizen security does not fall on the council, the mayor says that he will lobby to strengthen police presence and encourages citizens to work together with the police

Kevin Bernard

“The council has two of our councils directly involved in terms of the community constitution in the police organization groups we have, Citizen On Patrol.  We are active members of police coalition group. What were saying though is, as a community through our neighborhood meetings, we are actively seeking out our residents, asking them to be part of the neighborhood watch groups.  So they can from their own watch group. The idea is to get people to look after each other, something that use to happen across this country.  So the council and myself will work closely with the police department,  and we want to ask residents to also work closely, by forming watch groups, working along with the police groups and try to look after each other.  That’s the main goal.”

Also joining the vigil was the family of Ramon Cervantes Sr. and the family of Soña Abac. We note that while three persons have been charged for the murder and kidnapping of Cervantes, no one has been charged for the death of Abac, who was reported missing since April 23rd. The vigil started at the Banquitas house of Culture and made its way to the park in front of City Hall.

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