Orange Walk Robbers caught on Camera

There was also a robbery in Trial Farm, Orange Walk Town on Saturday October 3rd.  Yan’s store, located at the entrance of Trial Farm, was robbed at gunpoint by two individuals who walked into the store under the pretense that they were there to purchase goods from the store. While one pointed the gun at the shop owner, the other helped himself to all the cash in the drawer and an undisclosed value of BTL phone credit cards. The store security video helped police identify the men who did not wear any mask. Inspector Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk Formation, spoke to our colleagues at CTV3 yesterday.

Insp. Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Commanding Officer: A Chinese establishment, Yen’s Store that is located on Belize Corozal road in Charlie Farm Village was robbed. Stolen was $2000. At this point, the Chinese grocery has not come to make a report but the police has visited the scene and vlcsnap-2015-10-06-22h03m02s24there is footage that shows the 2 robbers. They went in bare face with a 9mm pistol and the footage shows then very good and we would like to ask the assistance of the media to show the faces so that we could identify these culprits. Nobody was hurt in this incident.

 This evening, Albert Wagner and Jarrett Crawford were both charged for the crime and will be arraigned in the Orange Walk magistrate’s court tomorrow.

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