Orange Walk Town Council discontent with Government’s handling of Immigration Scandal

vlcsnap-2013-10-25-07h47m50s154In the midst of the immigration storm, another entity has come out calling for an independent investigation. Late Thursday evening, the Orange Walk Town Council issued a release expressing its discontent with the manner in which the passport and immigration scandals have been handled by Government, calling it a so-called investigation with absolutely no transparency. The Council declares “This is not only Government’s business, but is everybody’s business.” As it relates to the route the investigation has taken, the Council says “We find it ludicrous that the government speaks of total corruption within the Immigration Department, admits that former Minister of State Elvin Penner is in the center of it, and still refuses to allow him to be the subject of a criminal investigation. Penner continues to enjoy the financial perks of his privileged position as an area representative, and still has the use of a government vehicle paid for and maintained by the people of Belize.” The release continues “We have only the word of the Prime Minister that the investigation is being conducted properly. We have only the word of the Minister of Immigration that no stone will be unturned. But that is not enough. The people of Belize demand much more than that! This is much more than a political issue. As one journalist told Prime Minister Dean Barrow recently – “We’re talking about passports, PM, not a water bill.” And in closing the Council affirms “We fear that it is too late for an impartial investigation into the scandal, since for more than a month all evidence has been in the hands of a UDP appointed team.”

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