Orange Walk woman perishes in traffic accident

There was a fatal traffic accident in Orange Walk on Wednesday evening. It happened sometime around 4:30 p.m. on the San Felipe and involved a KIA Sportage vehicle. According to police reports, 55 year old Elba Gongora , a saleswoman of Orange Walk Town, was driving the vehicle and along with her at the time were 47-year-old Luis Briceno Sr. of Orange Walk Town and 36-year-old Amalia Cocom of Yo Creek Village. The vehicle was travelling from August Pine Ridge Village to San Felipe Village and upon reaching a curve, Gongora lost control of the vehicle causing it to overturn.  The vehicle was extensively damaged. Elba Concepcion Gongora lost her life in that accident, receiving  a large cut wound to her head and a broken right wrist. Luis Briceno Sr. received a fracture to his left leg and Amalia Cocom received abrasions to her right leg, right foot and complained of pain to the right of her body. The body of Elba Gongora was transported to the Orange Walk Northern Regional Hospital and now awaits a post mortem examination. Police investigations continue. vlcsnap-2016-05-27-11h07m51s409

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