Organization Confronting Hot Button Issues

 United Christian Women’s Alliance, known as WALL Belize, is a Belizean organization which claims that it stands in solidarity with the church as it pertains to Godly family values .

We spoke to one of WALL Belize’s executive member, Shalwa Leslie, who gave us more details of the organization.

vlcsnap-2014-04-25-18h48m39s203 Shalwa Leslie- Executive Member of Wall Belize

“Wall Belize is a group of young women and young girls. We promote and nurture family and Christian values.  We are prepared to confront and defend our faith.  We are prepared to confront injustices done to women and anything outside of what Christ would honour.  We don’t agree with abortion; we understand that this is a very touchy topic that some doctors will say that it becomes necessary at times, but we don’t agree in taking a person’s life or taking a child’s life.  Because we are women, we want to promote why a woman was created.  We were created to bring forth children.  This is God’s heart to have a family, to be married.  We were not created to have sex long before our body is ready, and then find a solution just like what the society has to go ahead and use a condom and then, when that does not work, you abort.  At the moment, we have approximately 150 women in the group.  They are made up from different denominations across the country”.

According to a WALL  press release issued earlier this month, the organization is,“…. aware that our government is determined to implement the Revised Gender Policy 2013,including the sections that encourage violence and disrespect against both males and females in promoting  abortion  and  same  sex  relationships,  and  in  its  earliest  revision,  also  promoting prostitution.  These concepts violate God’s plan for a male and female to unite in marriage and to produce offspring of both sexes and deny the rights of the female to develop in her role as a nurturing mother, sister, daughter and helpmate to her male husband.”

The press release went on to say that:

“Our  government  intends  to  force  our  schools,  including  faith-based  ones,  to  include  these concepts in the curriculum.  Such foreign and ungodly teachings would negatively impact our children’s physical, social and moral development and would lead to a perverse and confused society with behaviours that would be difficult to reverse.  Such a curriculum would also infringe on the rights of parents and families to raise their children in their chosen religious and spiritual orientations”. 

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