Organizations speak up about crimes against senior citizens

And in relation to that burglary and aggravated assault of a senior citizen, National Council on Ageing has issued a press release condemning the latest criminal attacks on senior citizens reported, and so has Helpage Belize. NCA says that this latest incident “highlights the vulnerability of older persons across the country. The National Council on Ageing says it calls  “…..on all citizens of Belize to take an active interest in older persons living in their community. This can be done through ensuring they are members of an older persons’ organization such as local church groups, HelpAge, and VOICE; through establishing neighborly relationships with them and reporting any suspicious activity in their area.“ Meanwhile, Helpage Belize, in its own press releases, stated that it “…is calling on the relevant “crime fighting authorities” to vigorously prosecute and place on high priority cases of violence’s against the elderly and to “leave no stone unturned” in the pursuit of the criminal (s) who have viciously assaulted Mr. Patrick Grant. In addition, we urge the Government of Belize to join other Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS) in signing the the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons which includes the “Right to safety and a life free of violence of any kind”.

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