Orin Humes ambushed and killed by a group of men

vlcsnap-2013-02-25-20h19m53s81The most gruesome murder reportedly took place on Saturday night when Orin Humes was apparently ambushed by a group of men after he dropped someone off in the vicinity of the Burrell Boom Road. As you can see, the vehicle in which Humes was found was mercilessly shot up – as many as 17 bullet holes spread across the vehicle, many of which found their way into Humes. A gruesome business and this morning Police were still processing the scene. Rural executive officer for the Police Department Assistant Superintendent Christopher Noble gave a few details of what is known to police.

Christopher Noble – Assistant Superintendent:
vlcsnap-2013-02-25-20h20m11s10We gathered some information with regards to an incident taking place. We came out here, we found a vehicle and a male person in it. The male person was motionless, unresponsive, he was deceased. He had multiple injuries. The area was dealt with. We have collected items out of the area and we are looking into what may have been the details of his demise.

Sister, of the deceased, Sherilock Humes, spoke to PLUS News off-camera and says that the family is concerned not only about the gruesome nature of Orin’s passing but also how the Police handled the crime scene.

Sister of Deceased:
We are concerned because I think he got about seventeen shots or they found that amount of bullet cases. We were told there were about five or six gunmen. The way he was left there by the police if I can say that – because when we were on the scene he was left there about two to three hours. The police didn’t want us to go there and they just were watching him for whatever reason. We don’t even know if our brother had died, maybe we could have saved him, but they just left him there until forensics or whoever came. When they came they were still out there for over an hour.

According to Humes the family understands that their brother was being followed and threatened, but they have no idea who would kill him or want him dead.

Sister of Deceased:
We don’t have any idea. We were told that he was being followed from about Friday throughout the weekend. So I guess someone really had it out for him, but we don’t have any idea who this person or who these persons are. I guess the anger part will come in because we know the justice situation, so we know exactly how the situation will end up. So I guess that’s the part that angers us the most.

The family has now lost two members to gun violence, and Humes children are without a father as police investigations continue.

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