Oscar Gomez murdered, police say; prime suspect sought

Police believed that 41 year old Salvadoran national Oscar Gomez could not possibly have stabbed himself to death in a bizarre successful suicide attempt, and a post-mortem examination has proven them right. The Lords’ Bank man sustained at least 8 wounds, but the perpetrator may have been the man last seen with him before his death. We get more from Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster told us more.

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After the post matron was conducted, we learned that Mr. Gomez had eight stab wounds to the throat. Four of which went two and a half inch deep, and another one that went three and a half inch deep. And for that reason we’re now investigating that matter as a murder and we have the prime suspect in custody who is the witness that originally reported to us that Mr. Gomez had committed suicide. At present right now we are interviewing the girl that he was accompanied with before, as well as the neighbour who he reported to us.

Reporter: “When you spoke to the family they said that they couldn’t even consider the possibility of Mr. Williams or his friends actually killing him because they were very close friends. Do you know at this point what might have happened? That may lead them to do this action?

Edward Broaster: “We don’t know at this time. We don’t want to go into speculations as to certain things that we’re contemplating but never the less to share that it is being treated as a murder, and we’re investigating this matter thoroughly.”  

Williams’ account of events leading up to Gomez’s death did not make sense to police, but their investigation continues. Police recovered the knife they believed was used in the Oscar Gomez murder and they say it will be processed for fingerprints.

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