Oscar Mira pursues a political career

You might have heard of the new face that has recently left a comfortable post as the Deputy National Security Coordinator to pursue a political Career. He grew up in Belmopan and is now inspired to compete for the position of the PUP standard bearer in the Belmopan Constituency. Oscar Mira told us more about who he is and what he brings to the political arena.

Oscar Mira:

vlcsnap-2013-09-02-12h23m17s228Oscar Mira is a retired major from the Belize Defense force.  I spent 21 years in the army, holding various appointments.  So I was serving my country from the time I was 18.  There is the perception that politics is dishonesty.  I believe there are people with integrity. I believe there are people that are l;loyal to this country, who can make a difference.  They can make a difference in politics as well.  Those values that were instilled in me when I want to Sandhurst to do my training as an officer and as a leader, those values are still with me.  I think it’s time that someone with energy, someone with integrity, someone with loyalty to the people that we serve, comes into politics.

He will be running against Patrick Andrews, Dr. Amin Hegar and Ruth Lohgan. It would seem that Mira is a little disadvantaged as he does not have any political record. However, Oscar Mira tells us that the reception he has been getting from his campaign, say otherwise.

Oscar Mira:

We had our launch on Tuesday evening, and the reception was phenomenal.  We hit the streets on Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon, and the reception has just been tremendous.  People were hugging me and saying, “You know, Oscar, it’s about time that someone from Belmopan, from our own area, steps up to the plate and does this.”  I haven’t seen anything that would suggest that I’m the underdog.  The people are ready for a change.  The people are ready for someone from Belmopan to represent the interests of Belmopan.  They are ready.  I am ready.  I will work with them, and together we are going to make Belmopan the capital city that I believe it can be. 

Oscar Mira says he is confident in his abilities and the increasing support from the people in Belmopan, whom he has known for a long time. However, the outcome of his efforts will be revealed at the PUP convention.  

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