Oscar Sabido’s  sentence reduced from life to 21 years

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On April 26, 2016, Oscar Sabido Jr. was convicted of the murder of Christie Currassco in the Orange Walk Session of the Supreme Court before Justice Herbert Lord. He was sentenced to life, but on appeal in March of this year, Sabido Jr. saw his old conviction squashed and replaced with a verdict of manslaughter. Today, the Court of Appeal reduced Sabido’s sentence to 21 years and deducted 6 years and 18 days from Sabido’s sentence. The court was of the opinion that the suitable sentence would have been 21 years but since Sabido was in custody from 2011 awaiting trial, the court deducted 6 years and 18 days from the 21 years, therefore, Sabido will only serve 14 years and 347 days. The sentence is to take effect today, June 5, 2017. The stabbing incident occurred at the couple’s home in Orange Walk where Sabido stabbed Currassco more than once on February 28, 2011. He claimed he was provoked by Currasco after she told him of an affair with another man. Christie’s family says they are saddened by this development as they believe that Sabido’s killing of Christie was premeditated.

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