Osmer Sabido takes the stand in murder trial of Christie Carrasco

Closing arguments were presented in court in Orange Walk in the case of Osmer Sabido, accused of the stabbing death of his girlfriend, Christie Carrasco on February 28th, 2011.  On Wednesday, Sabido took the stand and gave his side of the story. He said that he first arrived at the house the couple shared in the San Lorenzo housing site at around six that evening. His girlfriend was mad, accusing him of having another woman and persisting in an argument with Sabido. He says during that argument she told him she thought she was pregnant for another man and he “reacted and slapped her” . He said he then walked away and went into the kitchen. Shortly after, he says that Christie approached him from behind with a knife and as he turned around , he saw that she was about to thrust the knife at him. He held her hand and they struggled and fell to the ground. That is when he realized she had been stabbed to the chest. He says he panicked and took the knife and placed it in the front seat of Christie’s’s car. That was when police arrived and detained him. The court heard closing arguments today and will consider the evidence to determine a verdict.

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