Oswald Young shot in Unitedville

Imagine the horror of waking up the sensation of a bullet piercing through your body. That’s what happened to a man in Unitedville Village this morning. Just after 2am, Oswald Young was in his living room, sleeping on a sofa chair that faced the door, when he heard a gunshot and felt something burning him. That was when he realized that he had been shot to the chin. Police were quickly called to the area and Young was taken to the hospital. He has since been released. According to reports, while at least three men were shooting at the house, a witness yelled out the man’s name. They allegedly spun around and fired shots at the witness, but missed. Authorities have since detained two Belize City men, pending investigation. Meanwhile, three gunshot holes were found in Young’s front door. But this isn’t the first time that Young has been shot at. On Saturday, while he was San Ignacio, the same two men reportedly attempted to shoot him.

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