Villagers of Otoxa in the Toledo District are volunteering their time and resources to clean their borderline, but they want BDF escorts. The villagers held a community meeting to address the recent Guatemalan incursion near their community. According to one outspoken villager, Manuel AC, the village has extended an invitation to The Alcalde Alliance and the Belize Territorial Volunteers to join them in clearing and placing markers on the border line. Villagers have also asked for assistance from the Belize Defense Force in order to ensure their safety. Leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteer, Wil Mejia sent us this interview from Otoxa Village

Member of Otoxa Village: When I made the suggestion, I also told them that if you can meet along with Wil Mehia, with the Alcaldes, whichever Alcaldes want to come, they are welcome to join because it’s Belize, it’s ours, it’s for nobody, and then we can clean the line. It will make it easier for us. I was going to ask you a question, because I asked the same question for the Alcalde’s Association, if they can put a pillar there. (Because there use to be pillars there before) Yes. If they can put a pillar maybe like every half a mile, then we know exactly where Belize is.

Reporter: Do you think that the villagers would be willing to go out and help to clear the line?

Member of Otoxa Village: According to them. Ask them.

Reporter: Would you guys be willing to go out and help clear the border line along your village? All those who would go, raise your hands.

According to Community Chairman, Olario Icalecent, the only thing left is for a date to be set for the clearing to begin

Olario Icalecent Community Chairman: They’re saying that they’re waiting on the Alcalde association. They told them that if they wait for them, they will not give us the dates. We should give them the dates so that we don’t have to ask them. We have bee waiting for them to give us a date.

The Villagers are of the opinion that if the lines were properly cut and marked the incursion would have never occurred.

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