Our Lady of Guadalupe High School holds a Business and Science Fair

Our Lady of Guadalupe High School held a Business and Science fair today. Students from Forms 1-4 were required to create some sort of business or science experiment; majority of the students had business stalls where they sold a variety of food items. Plus news visited the fair and spoke firstly with a group who called themselves Tuti Fruti Explosions.

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-13h17m00s2Our group visited the Tuti-fruty Explosion. We went through a variety of pastries, Lemon Pie, Cup Cakes, chips and dips,  and natural juice. The reason why we came up with the name Tuti-fruty Explosion, we noticed that they only have like two cafeteria at school. We had like a debate to say that if we wanted pastries at the school, and yes we want, so we decided to create the Tutti-fruity explosion, and sent the pastries today to display at our Buisness Fair.

We’re having a vote that’s called Exotic Flavors, and we have Mexican Tacos and Ice Cream here.

It’s a dollar for the Tacos.  It’s really nice.  And two dollars for the ice cream.  The Mexican Tacos [are] made out pork, hand-made tortia, with onion.

Snack Pack, was another group who made foods that are not sold at the school’s cafeteria.

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-13h23m08s156We are  business called “Snack Pack”. We came up with our business because everybody has different cravings at high school and we couldn’t get it here, so we decide to make things like tacos and different drinks. These are some of the things that we were selling.  Our Mission Statement was to satisfy each of our customers, and give an unique product. That’s what we’re  doing here today and I hope you guys like it. 

But it was not only about food, one group did a science experiment which tested an American, Local and Homemade granola bar to determine the amount of fat, sugars and protein in each of them.

vlcsnap-2013-02-01-19h33m08s146 - Copy - Copy - CopyOur purpose for the research is to test the commercial brands, local brands, and our home-made granola bar, that we made. We used the substance of iodine,. distilled water, and this is one of the granola bars that we crushed and tested.  We test for sugars, starch and fat, using different chemicals.  When our research was done, we found out that Nature Valley has less protein, more sugar, more starch.  The local had almost the same, and it turns out that our home-made granola bar had the most protein.  It had less sugar, less starch and less fat.

The Business and Science Fair was visited by other schools from within the City of Belmopan. The proceeds made from today’s sales at the fair will go to the respective classes.

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