OLOG Holds 3rd Annual Science and Business Fair

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-20h14m58s227Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. in Belmopan held its third annual Science and Business Fair. Emanuel Pech visited the high school this morning and has the story.

Emanuel Pech- Reporter for Plus News

Science and Business Fair- an all day event that gives students an opportunity to lay down their books and put theory into practice. The event kicked off at 8:00 this morning with a trash and fashion where students recycled inorganic material to create a fashion show. I spoke to Odalis Hernandez, the head of the Science department, and Evita Palma, head of the business department, who told us more of the event

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-18h31m54s194Ms. Odalis Hernandez- Head of the Science Department of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School

“This is the 3rd Annual Business and Science Fair, which is focused on the students find problems and see how they can solve them, come up with ideas, test it, and if it doesn’t come out how they want it, then they do other tests and they try to get results.   It is basically teaching them how to analize and to think critically”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-21h42m17s253Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “What is the significance of hosting an annual event like this?”

Ms. Odalis Hernandez:  “The purpose of it is to actually help them to become problem solvers instead of people going to the internet and finding their own to just follow steps, we are trying to encourage to find their own ways to find their own solutions”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-18h46m31s9Ms. Evita Palma- Head of the Business Department

“We have our 3rd and 4th Business participating this year.  The 4thare just doing it for fund raising purposes; the 3rd are doing it for the entrepreneurship part of it.  We are experiencing from the experiencing process all the way to the execution process.  So, they are excited because they know that they are dong the sales they are doing what they need to know in terms of advertisement, getting the word out there and getting the customers to buy from them”.

We spoke to two teams from the fourth form level, one from each department, who explained their experiment and business.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-18h53m24s31Geana Hanson- 4th Form Science Student

“We are doing organic solutions”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “What is that about?”

Geana Hanson:  “We are basically testing hazardous chemicals that are used for cleaning against organic stuff that you can find around your home or around your stores that are healthier and environmentally better”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-21h43m08s21Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Who made the cleaning appliances?”

Geana Hanson:  “We made one that would go on wood, one that would go on tiles and the other one that was to be used on glass”

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “How did you guys came up with the idea to come up with this taco stand?’

Vanessa Reneau- 4th Form Business Studentvlcsnap-2014-03-28-18h53m07s80

“Our school previously has been selling tacos.  We know as business students that it is a good business seller and that people are always buying tacos.  So, we decided to make tacos”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-19h49m49s93Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “So, how has business bee so far?”

Vanessa Reneau:  “Business has been pretty good.  We have been selling tacos non stop actually”.

Apart from showcasing their talent, the different teams in each department competed in hopes of coming out on top. I spoke to two of the judges as they visited the different booths around the campus. According to them, it will not be easy to choose a winner.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-19h53m25s212Mr. Abel Simpson Sr. –Judge 1

“I am really glad to see what is happening here today.  A lot of what has been learnt in the classroom is now being put actually into practical use and you are now seeing students in the business setting.  What I am seeing is actually exciting.  The lids are being involved not only in theory, but also in the practical being involved to get all the basics of the business we are doing”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-19h53m59s42Mr. Mattew Hulse- Judge 2

“Well, they are all excited doing the basics now.  They are very aggressive and showing us judges how good they are at representing the products that they want to sell to put out there.  It is very nice to see the initiative that they take and am 100% behind what they are doing”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “One has to come up on top.  Do you have any particular favorites?”

Mr. Mattew Hulse:  “At this moment, not yet; it is a close race and we are halfway through.  So, at the end of the day, we will be able to sit and go through all the different entries .  From there, we will be able to deduce the best”.

For Plus News Emanuel Pech.

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