Outgoing Mayor Looks To The Future

As we reported earlier this week,  Mayor of Belmopan, Simeon Lopez, was on Wednesday morning’s Rise and Shine show,  where he discussed various issues pertaining to Belmopan and to his three terms in office.

In that same interview, the Mayor also shared with us what he would like to see come to pass under the leadership of his successor, coming in next year’s municipal elections.

vlcsnap-2014-09-18-08h19m39s79One of them he says, is to have a large parcel of green land , 12.8 acres, located across the street from Belmopan Comprehensive High School, be brought back under the control of the City Council.

The land was  sold to the Social Security Board just prior to the 2008 elections. It was sold on Friday, December 28, 2007 for 1.1 million dollars. By the 2nd of January 2008, the land certificate was generated.

The Mayor having served for three consecutive terms with the Belmopan City Administration leaves the council for a more private life.

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