Over 280 Police officers awarded at ceremony

An awards ceremony was held today, June 22nd, at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan in honor of over 280 police officers. The officers vlcsnap-00179received medals in recognition of their excellent years of service. There were five categories of awards handed out today: the long service good conduct medal which 106 officers received, the first class medals which 62 officers received, the second class medals which 39 officers received, the meritorious medal received by 37 officers, and the distinguished service medal received by 18 officers. We spoke to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, who received 3 of the 5 medals.

ACP Chester WIlliams: I must say thanks to God for giving me health, strength, knowledge and wisdom to have been able to work for 25 diligent years in the Belize Police Department. Thanks to the commissioner of police and the committee who put together this award ceremony for recognizing me in the 3 categories of awards I was awarded today. I must say that it is indeed an honor and privilege to have been awarded in the three categories, and as I go along in my police journey there’s one more award that I believe I should be getting and that is over 30 years so that will come later on down the road. So far I must say that it is a good feeling and I want to also extend a thank you to the men and women who worked with me, who have made me the person I am today in terms of pushing me and ensuring that whatever policies are put in place they comply and see that the policies come to fruition and so they’re a big part of my achievement today. I also want to take the opportunity to vlcsnap-00182congratulate all other awardees for their awards as well.

This award ceremony was just one of the many activities that have been taking place throughout the country in observance of police week. Williams told us about the activities that will close off this year’s police week. 

ACP Chester WIlliams: Well as of today we have two more main activities, we have the sports day tomorrow in Belize City that will be at the Yabrah Green Commencing at 5:30 in the morning where we will be having track and field and other sporting activities including dominoes football, and most importantly we have a basketball game scheduled with the media at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.  vlcsnap-00177


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