Over 300 Cyclists join Dara for “Ride for Hunger”

vlcsnap-2013-08-06-14h08m28s77It turned out to be a beautiful weekend for the Dara Feeding Program as over 300 people participated in the Ride for Hunger on Saturday. This event was planned and coordinated by Joel “Dara” Robinson who started the Dara Feeding Program seven years ago. Dara had noticed that many primary school students and even some high school students don’t have anything to eat for lunch. Dara pleaded for someone to address this issue, but when no one did, he took matters into his own hands. With the assistance of Kwame Scott, member of the Cycling Association, the Dara Feeding Program hosted the second annual Ride for Hunger in hopes of raising funds to feed kids in need. Louis Wade the host of the show Rise and Shine, also got involved in the drive. This morning, on Rise and Shine, Kwame and Luis spoke about the ride and the impression it left on them.

kwame scott plustvKwame Scott – Cycling Association:

We must express our sincere heart-felt gratitude for you to put your actions where your mouth is.  I know there was some point where you were nervous, and that is natural because I was nervous when I’ve done it before.  In the end, you prevailed.




Louis Wade:

It was amazing. You were beside me.  It was great.

Kwame Scott – Cycling Association:

This is only one of the things that the ride actually does.  It creates a comradery, where a brother is willing to help a brother. Each one teach one kinda vibe.  We don’t have to wait for politics to try to bring us together. No disrespect, but we don’t have to wait for religion to bring us together, because somebody died and we go to the wake, or we go to the funeral.  We can do things.  This is called people power, if each vlcsnap-2013-08-06-18h16m45s37community got up and said let us do something to help those who are less fortunate. We are here to support that kind of cause because that is what we represent.  Our event for Sunday was postponed, It had been postponed due to circumstances beyond our control, which is the weather, but we do intend to publish and go all out, to make it bigger, brighter, and better, at a later date.  So the Lucky Dube Tribute is currently postponed. We already have a tentative date.  We’ll be getting back to you with that, so that we can make it beneficial to one and all, and just like the ride, quality.

Dara, a man who started off with nothing but a burning desire to help the children, was extremely grateful and astounded at the height of which his awareness campaign has escalated to.

ride1Louis Wade:

All the money is coming in, and money has already started to come in, so I believe within a day or two, three thousand three hundred dollars is going to be to the ride.  Nine hundred dollars is in already.



Joel “Dara” Robinson:

We had definitely over 300 people, [and] last year we had over two hundred. It was massive.  I thank the people, the grass-roots people, the middle class, people at the top, everybody who came out to support, even the people who brought the food.  You couldn’t have had a more blessed day that that.

The host of Rise and Shine, through the support of his viewers, was able to raise over $3,000 which is twice the overall amount that was raised in last year’s ride. The public is reminded that the Dara Feeding Program accepts donations all year round.  

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